Fresh start

Starting from fresh can give people a mixture of emotions. You can feel excited that today is the day you are going to make some positive changes to your life and you’re looking forward to seeing the impact of your actions both physically and mentally. It can also be daunting, all these changes, how will you deal with the same old situations with this new mindset? You can also feel relieved, which is the feeling I have today. I feel as though I am taking some pressure off myself by giving myself some goals and holding myself accountable by writing this blog. With this new found direction I know I will start to feel good about the decision I’m making and this new found self-esteem will be what sees me through the hard times. This is the part of the blog where I should give myself some goals, so to make it manageable lets start with three main goals based on my past few months of flawed paleo eating:

  • Goal one: Reduce snacking between meals. Each meal I eat is paleo, the problem is all the mini-meals between those meals.  I have a problem. I am going to see if a larger breakfast and a larger lunch help this. Snacks that are allowed are pre/post workout snacks as I deem necessary – however I need to look into whether I need these, and if so, what’s the most sensible thing to have?
  • Goal two: strategic treating.
  • Goal three: better meal prep. Pre-cohabiting life with my main man M, I used to spend a few hours on the weekend cooking up enough food to last me a week.

For me it goes without saying that my main overall goal is health and losing weight. Since starting CrossFit (yes another CrossFit bore enthusiast) and eating better I’ve realised that I want to be healthy, I want to be fit and I want to be strong. However I am also hoping that with this the weight goes! I should point out that I guess, technically, I take more of a primal stance on paleo eating (when not on a whole 30). This tends to mean the inclusion of some dairy. I’m not a big cheese eater but I do like white tea and a barista style coffee, often.